Tutorial Mission is a free editing and feedback resource for budding video game journalists and critics. It's here to help foster a cooperative, educational environment for anyone who wants to add their voice to the conversation about video games. Use the form below to send along a piece of writing, and I'll help you tune it up while offering ways to improve your technique. Not a bad deal, eh?

Tutorial Mission status:

Prior to submitting, please make sure you're familiar with these guidelines:

  • Tutorial Mission services are intended for use by developing video game critics and journalists: amateur and freelance writers who don't have regular access to the sort of feedback that helps them hone their craft. It's not intended to supplant professional editing services. Tutorial Mission was created in the spirit of education and self-improvement, so please keep this in mind when submitting.
  • Editing/feedback is performed during my free time, after I've seen to most other work. I can make no guarantees about turnaround time. Consequently, it's best to look elsewhere if you've got a hard deadline coming in a week or less.
  • Submissions will be processed in the order that they're received. Continued use of Tutorial Mission is totally fine! But please limit your submission to a single work of writing at a time--another submission can be made after you've received finalized feedback on your previous one.
  • I can only process a submission or two at any given time--once my plate is full, I'll close submissions until I've cleared room in my schedule to accept more. If I can't get to your submission in a relatively timely manner, I'll let you know via email.
  • Editing markup is provided in the format the work is submitted in (where possible), unless another format is requested. PDF documents receive drawn-on markup and comments, while Google or Word documents receive highlights, in-line markup, and program-specific comments. Please note: I use Open Office to handle Word's .doc files, which may cause some formatting issues.
  • Any and all communications regarding Tutorial Mission submissions are 100% private. I will not disclose your use of the service to anyone without your express permission. Use of a pseudonym in submitted forms is perfectly fine--just be sure that I can reach you at the email address you provide!
  • All of your work--be it draft or final--is yours and yours alone. I will not share it without your express permission.
  • Lastly, don't be afraid to submit! Being amenable to criticism isn't just key to improving your writing, it's also an important skill to develop in its own right. You can trust me to be honest in my assessments, but I promise I'm also a pretty gentle editor who wants to encourage you, not discourage you.