…As real, honest-to-goodness cultural criticism finally begins to assert its place in reviews, the reactionaries put off by these new voices are searching for a way to tamp them back down without sounding like terrible bigots. A call for objectivity makes for a convenient way to back into suppression of progressive voices. It sounds innocent enough, and it plays on our impulse to be comprehensive and magnanimous.

…I promise you this: your writing is worth more than a promise of exposure, more than a one-in-a-million shot at "maybe a job", more than some swag and a special star next to your name on someone's forum.

…I’m the forgetful type, you see, and prone to moments of detachment from my surroundings. It’s tough being that way, sometimes—even when everything’s going right, you can’t shake the vague feeling that it’s an illusion, that it all seems great only because you’re forgetting something very, very important.