…After five games' worth of fatalistic motif, I've come to see Oscar as representing a possible, even canonical ending for the player. To try and be found wanting. To fall somewhere along the path, a play-through frozen in time like one of those corpses on Everest—one more bit of set dressing for Dark Souls: A Very Hard Video Game.

…Ultimately in the Dark Zone, that point remains characteristically inane: to shoot looters so that you can loot their guns and armor and then, absurdly, to extract that weaponry by helicopter. You're there to rescue guns from a war zone, like some kind of fucked-up Monuments Men.

…The Banner Saga remains a beautiful composite work of art nouveau. The caravan rolls along on its sinuous track, as trees that look like dragonfly wings and magical forests of lysergic pinks and purples slide past in parallax.